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monks pause in phnom penh

Robes in Season

Monks in saffron,
though cliche,
are rare here.
Instead they wear robes the colour of navel-oranges
that have something of the look
of polyester.

a little less often,
the colour of red grapes –
of wine grapes –
and more self-aware.

Then today I saw one
the colour of pink grapefruit
on the back of a motorbike in thick traffic.
He did not look very transcendent,
but then, nor did he look polyester.
He flamed, incandescent, in the grey of that Phnom Penh street.


Unfortunately I didn’t manage a photo of the monk in the pink-grapefruit robe, my hands and mind being taken up with riding my own motorbike at the time. But he was like no other monk I’d ever seen, and I wish I could have got a snapshot.